Integrating Health within Coaching

A webinar series with Anthony Eldridge-Rogers, Executive Recovery and Wellness Coach, Creator of the Meaning Centred Coaching Model(MCC), Trainer and Author

23rd November, 7th December 2016, 11th January, 25th January 2017 


Anthony Eldridge-Rogers, Executive Recovery and Wellness Coach, Creator Meaning Centred Coaching Model(MCC)/ Trainer / Author


A series of four online seminars: 60 minute interactive webinar and post session reading materials.


Wednesday, 23rd November: with Paul Brown as guest speaker - All coaching outcomes are influenced by the health state of your coaching clients

Wednesday, 7th December: How integrating human health as the foundation for the coaching relationship affects all coaching outcomes and client experience

Wednesday, 11th January 2017 with Chris McUtchen as guest speaker: How to find clients’ motivational energy to change and develop their lives

Wednesday, 25th January 2017: What is involved when becoming an Executive Recovery and Wellness Coach

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1. Integrating Human Health within Coaching

Health and the condition of body and mind affect everything, often profoundly. The ability to innovate, create, perform, use resilience and lead are all impacted by our health. And our health is impacted by the way we live, work, play and think. Some coaches may ignore this fact to the detriment of the client and their coaching objectives. Including it skilfully within the coaching relationship changes client outcomes, often dramatically.

We can go even further and actually use specialised coaching deliberately to help people within all coaching contexts to recover from and / or manage the impact of a health challenge on their lives. We need to do this because these health challenges have become an outcome of the way we live and impact on our ability to fulfil our potential.

We are pleased to invite you to develop your own understanding of how to integrate this into your coaching and how you can offer an expanded, effective coaching service to your clients, in this upcoming AC webinar series, starting on 23rd November 2016. 

2. In this webinar series you will learn:

  • Why and how coaching can take a prime position in becoming a major way we influence people's recovery from health challenges;
  • How the right kind of motivation is key in accessing the energy required to recover from a health challenge;
  • How the Meaning Centred Coaching Model (MCC) works and can consistently free up the energy for change and the reallocation of resilience;
  • Which are the 5 key components of coaching that one needs to focus on when working as a recovery and wellness coach;
  • How offering recovery and wellness coaching to ALL your clients can change your practice.

We will also consider key learning points such as...

  • understanding the way emotions and health interplay with each other to either block or allow change to take place is crucial and
  • the consequences of failure to find a way to respond to a health challenge that leads to recovery are potentially huge. Find out how coaches need to reflect this reality in the way they approach the coaching relationship.

3. Topics and schedule for the webinar series:

**Live webinars will take place at: 13.00 hrs GMT on the above-mentioned dates.

Webinar 1 - with Prof Paul Brown as guest speaker:  All Coaching outcomes are influenced by the health state of your coaching clients

We will start this first webinar by exploring some statistics regarding a number of aspects of health which are generally not factored in coaching practices. These statistics matter as they show the hidden influence that organizational and business coaching can have.

We will explore what neuroscience tells us about the way the health state of a person influences brain performance and emotions. We will also make clear distinctions between the various types of health, wellness and recovery coaching.

Whether we think about it in this way or not, all coaching relationships are influenced, sometimes profoundly, by the health of your coaching client (and the health of the coach). With the epidemic of mainly behavioural health and lifestyle driven health challenges no coach is immune or left untouched by these issues. All coaches are then working with human health and often illness.

Webinar 2: How integrating human health as the foundation for the coaching relationship affects all coaching outcomes and client experience

There are 5 key components of coaching that need to be rethought and re designed when integrating the changed stake of the coaching relationship. Health challenges can mean great loss and difficulty for a client as well as those around them. Coaches working with clients like this ought to be focussed and aware of the consequences for the client if they are unable to make the necessary changes. This requires the coach to step in and reconfigure the way the coaching relationship is contracted and designed. In this webinar we will explore this and other 4 components and how to change them.

Webinar 3 - with Chris McUthcen as guest speaker: How to find clients motivational energy to change and develop their lives

In this webinar we introduce the Meaning Centred Coaching Model (MCC) that offers a simple but profound way to create ongoing energy resources at the centre of a client's life. We will explore the 4 fields, 4 principles and 4 tasks and show they can help clients move their resilience to new ways of thinking and behaving and most importantly, feeling. We will also explore how meaning is the essential ingredient in all goals and how we can help our clients create them. Guest Chris McUtchen will share his approach with his corporate clients across the world into which he has built meaning and purpose as a central driver for successful engagement.

Webinar 4:  What is involved when becoming an Executive Recovery and Wellness Coach?

What does it mean to create and lead a well organisation? What is a good and ‘well’ leader?

Why have wellness programmes succeeded but also failed?

In this webinar we look at how health and recovery is the foundation of good organisational operation, management and innovation. It is also driven by a compelling business case. We will look at how the Meaning Centred Coaching Model (MCC) model can be used to develop leadership and what are the differences between an Executive Coach and an Executive Recovery and Wellness Coach? 

4. Resources:

At the close of the webinar series all participants will receive free coupon codes for the following books by  Anthony Eldridge-Rogers:

“Meaning Centred Coaching: Getting to the heart of it all”

“Become a Recovery and Wellness Coach: The Essential Principles, Skills and Contexts”

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5. Speaker Bio

Anthony Eldridge-Rogers is an executive coach, coach trainer, author and organisational consultant in the area of human wellbeing and coaching. He has worked with board members, CEO’s, senior management teams and entrepreneurs as coach and mentor within the context of recovery and wellness and leadership. He has set up and runs the specialist recovery and wellness coach training and consultancy, FRC Worldwide, and developed the training programme based on the Meaning Centred Coaching Model (MCC). He has been championing coaching as an underused resource to help people with a wide variety of behavioural driven health challenges. In support of that work, he founded the International Recovery and Wellness Coach Certification Board (IRWCCB) to provide standards and certification for specialist coaches in human health and the International Recovery and Wellness Coach World Conference (IRWC Conference) is now in its third year.

His career has included an extensive professional background in the media as well as in environmental issues working with clients such as BBC Worldwide, Naspers, Conde Nast, Polygram, Carlton TV. In 2009 he was invited to become a fellow of The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) and started a coaching network there for its worldwide fellowship.

He consults with companies internationally and he presents at conferences.

Guest Speaker for the first webinar: Dr. Paul Brown

Dr Paul Brown is Faculty Professor, Organizational Neuroscience, Monarch Business School Switzerland; Chairman, the International Business Group, Ho Chi Minh City and attached to the Department of Science and Technology Energy Conservation Centre, HCMC; External Advisor, International Energy Research Centre, the Tyndall National Institute, University of Cork, Ireland; International Chairman of the Vietnam Consulting Group, Ho Chi Minh City; International Director of SIRTailors, HCMC, and Chairman of Global Leaders, Vietnam. He teaches as a guest lecturer at the Fulbright Economics Teaching Program in HCMC; and has taught annually at the UK’s Royal College of Defence Studies for twenty-five years.  He has a long-standing professional advisory interest in how family businesses are handed on to the next generation and in innovation, creativity, start-ups and incubators.

A clinical and organisational psychologist and executive coach and supervisor, he has recently co-authored Neuropsychology for Coaches: understanding the basics (2012) McGraw-Hill/Open University Press; River Dragon (a novel, 2014); Neuroscience for Leadership: harnessing the brain gain advantage (2015) Palgrave Macmillan (which won Gold in the 2016 Chartered Management Institute’s ‘Management Book of the Year’ awards); and The Fear-Free Organization (2015) Kogan Page.  He writes a monthly column called Brain Gain for the IEDP management magazine Developing Leaders.

Paul is the Association for Coaching’s Global Ambassador, Applied Neuroscience. He lives in Vietnam and consults and teaches in S E Asia, Europe and America. He has created and teaches a world-first distance-learning Masters program in Applied Neuroscience in Organisations in London.

Guest Speaker for the third webinar: Chris McUtchen

chrisChris McUtchen is a Performance Coach facilitating and coaching executives and teams from a diverse range of Fortune 500 companies. He is a subject matter expert on increasing engagement, managing “best self”, personal-professional effectiveness and nurturing relationships and connectedness. “You can’t reach your professional BEST without reaching your personal BEST first”

Chris is an in-demand path finder for individuals and teams alike. Presenting various behavioral change and human capital focused programs, he is considered a subject matter expert across areas of productivity and engagement, emotional awareness, human physiology and nutrition. He has worked within the space of behavioral and company change since graduating from La Trobe University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science majoring in Behavioral Science. “We all cast a ‘shadow’ in life. We need to ensure that the shadow we cast is a positive one!”

Chris has designed and implemented Health, Engagement and Performance based programs all over Europe and Asia Pacific with the focus on sustainable and positive behavioral change. “Most people wait for a yearly performance review to receive the recognition or reward which gives meaning to their job. I consider myself having the best job in the world where after each program or coaching session I can see, feel and hear amazing life changes being made”.

Chris is currently Managing Director of the performance consultancy firm – HP2. “Everyone is looking for that elusive 25th hour, this year’s targets become the base line of next year, demand’s are forever on the rise. The question is – are you training yourself in the ways that matter to meet these demands – being the best version of yourself?”

6. Price and special offers

As with all AC continuing professional events, the fees are offered at a very good value, with an extra special price for AC members.

AC member: Your investment for the entire series is only £85 / €95.

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For this cost, you get:

  • 60 minute interactive virtual seminar with Anthony Eldridge-Rogers;
  • Pre and post webinar resources to explore the concepts and apply your learning;
  • Free coupon codes for Anthony’s books: “Meaning Centred Coaching: Getting to the heart of it all” and “Become a Recovery and Wellness Coach: The Essential Principles, Skills and Contexts”
  • Recordings of all webinars and a copy of the slides for your own library;
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Recordings and slides will be made available for all registered participants.

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