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Patrizia Collard

Enter Mindfulness
Location:London, Milton Keynes, Vienna, Slovenia (Ljubljana)
Profile:My goal as a coach is to help people of all backgrounds, age groups and levels of employment to find an answer to the question: "What is the purpose in what I do?" Research into well being and positive psychology shows that when we lose sight of the greater purpose of our life, we also lose motivation. Many famous and outwardly successful people, who seemed to have it all, ended their life or became disillusioned and addicted because they had no vision, no purpose and hence no sense of satisfaction.
Services:My intention is to set people free from concepts and socio economic rules that they do not wish to pursue anylonger. For some clients this means change of profession and for others it means changing the focus of what they already do towards a direction that benefits the greater good.
Categories:Coaching Skills Training, Health & Wellness Coaching, Personal Coaching