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Will Sudworth

Inspiring Outcomes Ltd
Tel:+44 7771 766848
Location:UK, US, Sweden, China, Holland
Profile:I’m Will Sudworth and I lead Inspiring Outcomes. We enjoy enabling individuals, teams and organisations to untangle themselves and truly focus on inspiring outcomes. How are you doing at inspiring outcomes in your team and organisation?
Services:Exec Coaching For leaders who want and need to break through the glass ceiling limiting their potential, allowing them to truly focus on inspiring outcomes. Breakthrough Coaching For individuals at risk of being labelled as poor performers, sponsored by a manager who wants them to have a fair chance at really resolving whatever is holding them back. Involves literally breaking through a 1” board as a great convincer of their change in approach. Resilience Coaching For individuals who are in and out of sick leave due to stress, sponsored by a manager who is willing to employ an alternative coaching approach.
Categories:Executive Coaching, Personal Coaching, Team Coaching