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Magdalena Bak-Maier
Profile:Magdalena is a sought after coach, speaker and bestselling author of Get Productive! She is the inventor of the Get Productive Wheel and the GRID work-life balance system to support people thriving in life based on the heart and mind fusion principle she pioneers. Magdalena began her career as a neuroscientist with a PhD from Caltech, USA and moved into working with human potential to follow her passion for helping equip others with skills to make time count. With 20 years of experience as coach, mentor and therapist, Magdalena’s work and writing advance the principle and practical practices that help people tap into the power and wisdom of their nervous system for best performance, wellbeing and joy. She is a regular contributor to Psychologies Tomorrow (NYC) and Coaching at Work and her work has been featured in The Times, Telegraph, Independent, Daily Mail and many industry magazines as well as BBC Radio.
Services:Make Time Count Ltd supports talented individuals, creatives and change makers across different sectors either through in-house bespoke leadership programmes, OD consultancy, individual coaching or MTC public programmes. We also support other individuals and organisations that work with people to help them thrive. Whether corporate or personal, MTC models and tools help many teams including senior NASA engineers and countless individuals around the world tackle turbulence and complexity and deliver outstanding performance.