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Greta Rossi

Akasha Innovation
Tel:(0039) 348 81 30 165
Location:Online: Europe (in particularly Italy and the UK). Offline: Italy (in particularly the area around Bologna and Ravenna).
Profile:I mostly work with young people, aged between 18 and 30, who are interested in pursuing a career and life as activists, social entrepreneurs and changemakers in the service of people and planet. Part of my role as the Chief Empathy Officer (CEO) of Ākāśa Innovation includes providing personalised support to young changemakers to help them thrive as individuals so that they can work together to create a world for all life to flourish in. I also work as a youth coach for universities to help their students excel academically whilst at the same time ensuring their own individual flourishing.
Services:I focus on transformative and evolutionary coaching, which aim to help the coachees learn new skills, learn about the world around them, and learn about themselves in the world so that they can evolve to the next stage of psychological development and transform their perspective. This focus on learning lies at the heart of my belief that we as human beings are constantly "becoming".
Categories:Coaching Skills Training, Health & Wellness Coaching, Personal Coaching
Level:Associate Member