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Dorothy Larios

Dorothy Larios
Location:Dorothy works within the UK being based near Edinburgh in Scotland. This allows ease of travel so her clients are based UK wide. Working with her close colleagues and associates, they are available to visit your offices, nationwide or conduct online disc
Profile:Dorothy Larios, a long-term AC member is an experienced Executive Coach, Coaching Assesor and Coaching Supervisor. She offers attention to her clients' development through her natural intuition and strong commitment. Her sixteen years coaching experience comes from working with clients from public and private sectors in Britain and Greece. Dorothy specialises in Executive Health and Wellbeing which incorporates healthy, relationships, communication and behaviours.
Services:PERSONAL COACHING: Working with individuals who are faced with challenges in the WORKPLACE or facing lifestyle challenges: Individual and group coaching to Executives and Managers with focus on conflict management, communications and developing personal and professional awareness. Dorothy and Associates specialise in Coaching top leaders, board members and managers who have had time out of the workplace and are focussed on returning to either a new position or a phased return after illness.
Categories:Career Transition Coaching, Executive Coaching, Group Coaching, Health & Wellness Coaching, Manager-level Coaching, Personal Coaching, Other